Best Blogging Platform to Make Money: Blogger vs WordPress


Today we are going to talk about one of the best blogging platforms to make money. If you are starting your blogging career from zero then this article will be very detailed and from this article very important for you., you will know whether you will be successful in blogging or not.

So you must read this article completely and with its help make the right decision in the end I will also tell you which platform I use. 

Well, why are we discussing about best blogging platform to make money? As you know a blog is made of a texture and images. So you have to manage that content from somewhere, it is called a content management system or in other words blogging platform.

In this article, we will talk in detail about two such best blogging platforms to make money. Will compare them. So that in the future you do not wonder whether you have chosen the right blogging platform or not.

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What is a Blogger?

Blogger is a product of Google. It was started on August 23, 1999. But Blogger was acquired by Google in February 2003. This means that Blogger is a product made by Google itself, which you can use from today itself for free of cost. All you need is a Gmail.

With the help of your Gmail ID, you can create your blog website absolutely free using Blogger. To access Blogger, you will have to go to and sign in with your Gmail ID.

blogger home page, best blogging platform

In the image given above, you will see your published post on the right side and your blog name at the top on the left side, then menus below it, and the View Blog option is given at the bottom.

But now we will make a lot of comparisons like earning, customization, security, backup, hosting & domain, etc. which is more and easier. With this, you will understand which is the best blogging platform between Blogger and WordPress and why it is the best blogging platform.

What is a WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform that allows people to create and manage their websites and blogs. With its help, you can create anything from a simple blog to a complex website. WordPress is very popular all over the world compared to other platforms.

WordPress was launched on May 23, 2003, by English developer Mike Little and American developer Matt Mullenweg.

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

As you know that to start blogging, a platform is required. On which you manage your content. At present, there are many platforms in the market. But today in this article we are going to talk about the two most popular and best blogging platforms to make money. The thing that a lot of people talk about is Blogger & WordPress.

According to data, out of all the blogs and websites in the whole world, about 63.6% of the websites are built on WordPress. There are many other platforms in the market like Wix, Blogger, Shopify, etc. 

Overall WordPress’s market share is around 43%. There are many reasons why WordPress has such a high market share. Which we are going to talk about in detail in this article. so, WordPress is the best blogging platform to Make Money. Well, I also use WordPress for my blog.

Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

S.No. Name Visit
1 WordPress Visit
2 Blogger Visit
3 Medium Visit
4 Tumblr Visit
5 Wix Visit
6 Ghost Visit
7 Squarespace Visit
8 Weebly Visit
9 Joomla Visit
10 Drupal Visit

Difference Between and

New bloggers are confused between and What is the difference between and You will get to host your website for free on but there will be many limitations. Like you can’t earn more money, can’t place more ads, you can’t add your plugins, etc.

This means that only when you give more money you will be able to do something big. So you don’t have to work on it. It has been made for those who do not have technical knowledge.

But what we will use and what the whole world uses is Is this now? is a platform that provides you with all the things you need.

But what we will use and what the whole world uses is Now what is this is a platform that provides you with all the necessary things that you will need to create a website.

This is an open-source content management system platform that is used by people like you and me all over the world. This is a platform through which you can set up your self-hosted blog.

To use you will need hosting. But right now you do not have to take any hosting because later I will tell you how you will start your blog for just Rs 2000 ( $20 ).

Blogger vs WordPress

Let us now talk about all those 8 parameters through which you will know a to z about Blogger and WordPress. Which will make it easier for you to choose between Blogger and WordPress.

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money
Best Blogging Platform to Make Money
Criteria Blogger WordPress
Hosting and Domain Hosted on Google’s servers, free domain and hosting. Offers self-hosting options, domain and hosting choice flexibility.
Security Google provides security, limited control over settings. Allows advanced security plugins and customization for self-hosted sites.
Backup Automatic backups by Google, limited control. Can install backup plugins for scheduled backups, more control.
Blog Ownership Owned by Google, subject to their terms. Full ownership and control of content and data.
Traffic Handling Capacity Limited scalability, suited for moderate traffic. Scalable with right hosting, ideal for high-traffic sites.
Automation of Content Limited automation options for content creation. Access to various plugins and tools for content automation.
Customization – Coding Limited coding skills required for customization. Extensive coding and customization options for self-hosted sites.
Business Building Best for personal blogs, simple websites. Ideal for complex websites, online stores, and scalable businesses.


Hosting and Domain

Domain: A domain is like the name of a website. It’s what you type on your computer to visit a website. Just like your house has an address, a website has a domain name. For example, if a website is like a house, its domain name is like the house’s nameplate.

Hosting: Hosting is like a special computer where all the information and pictures of a website are stored. When you want to see a website, your computer talks to this special computer (host) to get all the information and shows it to you. It’s like asking a librarian to get a book from the library for you.

This is explained in detail in the next article.

Blogger gives you unlimited hosting and domain names. You can just login and start your blog. Blogger gives you a subdomain, for example, if I have named my blog Techno Idea, then Blogger will give me the domain.

That means you can take any domain but it will have behind it. If you want to have .com, .org, .in behind your domain, then you will have to buy it. The domain that the blogger will give you will not be of any use to you in the future. For WordPress, you will have to purchase both hosting and domain.

hosting And domain
Hosting And Domains


Whereas in WordPress you are responsible for your security. There is no third middleman but many such plugins are using which you can get security equal to the level of a blogger. So, both have almost the same security.


In Blogger you have to back up and store it yourself Because if there is any problem in your blog then you can restore your blog by using back up. But in WordPress, this work becomes automatic by using free plugins. We will talk about plugins in the next article.

Who is the Owner of the Blog?

This is the factor due to which you should choose WordPress because it makes WordPress the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money. As you know, Blogger is Google’s platform and if Google is giving you everything for free, then there will be some terms & conditions for it.

The term & condition is that if you ever break the policy, do not follow the terms & conditions, copy-paste content from other blogs, etc. then Google will disable your blog. This means you are not the owner of the blog. Tomorrow your blog may be completely closed and all your hard work will be wasted.

But in WordPress, your self-hosted blog is only owned by you. Unless you commit some very serious criminal activity. As long as none of your hosting accounts are closed. Even if it is closed, you will have its back-up and from that back-up, you can start a new blog on the same day. This means that you are the owner of your blog if it is on WordPress. 

Due to this, you can earn more money as compared to bloggers and this makes WordPress the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money.

Traffic Handling Capacity

Blogger has unlimited traffic handling capacity. That means, no matter how much traffic comes to the blog created on Blogger, Blogger will handle that traffic. But the Traffic Handling Capacity of WordPress depends on the hosting you choose. What is the maximum traffic your hosting can handle?

Don’t worry because in the next article, I will tell you how you can create a website as per your wish in just Rs 2000, that too without worrying about any traffic. Just imagine, if your website is getting more traffic then you will invest Rs 3000 or Rs 4000 instead of Rs 2000. Because if more traffic comes, you will earn more.

This means that you can do maximum Traffic Handling Capacity in WordPress like the same blogger, you will just have to spend a little more money on hosting.

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money
traffic Handling Capacity

Automation of Content

Suppose I just published a blog post and I want to promote it, so I will share that post on social media. So I will have to share them one by one on all social media in Blogger. But in WordPress, this work can be done automatically with the help of a plugin.

For example, SEO work is done by Rank Math SEO, if you want to share an article, it gets done automatically on WordPress, for backup, automatic backup will be done by using UpdraftPlus, etc.

So automation is possible only on WordPress. With the help of automation, you can save more time so that you will be able to spend more time on other tasks.


To do customization in Blogger, you need to have knowledge of coding because if you want to customize anything in Blogger, then you have to edit the code of the website. You cannot customize anything in your blog without technical knowledge. But now some customization can be done without coding, but not everything.

Well, with the help of plugins in WordPress, you can customize your website very well without any technical knowledge. I will tell you all these things in the upcoming articles.

Where you can build Your Business? – Blogger or WordPress

As you know, blogging is a digital property for you and you should have the key to control it and not Google. Who knows, if tomorrow Google feels that your blog is not doing well then it may close your blog. Because of this, you will lose your digital property.

But in WordPress, you are the king of your blog, you are the owner and you are the host. This means that if you want to make any decision, you can take it yourself. I think ownership should be with you and not with anyone else. For this reason, you can build your own business in WordPress.

For these reasons, you should create your digital property in WordPress and not in Blogger. There is a lot of risk in blogging that your blog will be destroyed in one night.


Overall, the conclusion is that you should start your blogging career with WordPress. Because 80% to 90% of the world’s blogs and websites are built on WordPress. I also use WordPress. Blogger is for those who cannot buy hosting and domain.

If you also want to start with Blogger, then you can start now but in the future, you can shift from Blogger to WordPress because WordPress has more guarantee of success than Blogger.

I hope all your confusion is cleared up. In the next article, we will decide how you will choose hosting and domain for your blog or website, and how you will choose the brand name. Whatever will be good for you, you rank in Google and become your base value so that you can build your business.

If you have any doubts left, you can tell me by commenting or emailing me.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1: What is the focus of this article on the best blogging platform to make money?

Ans 1: This article discusses the best blogging platform to make money and helps you make an informed decision between Blogger and WordPress.

Q2: What is Blogger, and who developed it?

Ans 2: Blogger is a blogging platform developed by Google. It started in August 1999 and was acquired by Google in February 2003. It’s free to use with a Gmail account.

Q3: What is WordPress, and who created it?

Ans 3: WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) launched on May 23, 2003, by developers Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. It’s versatile and popular worldwide.

Q4: Why are Blogger and WordPress compared in this article?

Ans 4: Blogger and WordPress are compared in terms of earning potential, customization, security, backup, hosting, and more to help you choose the best blogging platform.

Q5: What is the difference between and

Ans 5: offers free hosting but has limitations, while provides more flexibility for self-hosting your website with your choice of domain and hosting.

Q6: What is hosting and domain in the context of blogging?

Ans 6: Hosting is where your website’s content is stored, and a domain is your website’s address, like a nameplate on a house.

Q7: How does Blogger handle hosting and domains?

Ans 7: Blogger offers unlimited hosting and provides a subdomain for free. Custom domains like .com or .org require separate purchases.

Q8: What about security in Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 8: Blogger offers security through Google, while WordPress relies on plugins for security, making them both relatively secure.

Q9: How does backup work in Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 9: Blogger users must manually back up their blogs, while WordPress users can automate backups using plugins.

Q10: Who owns your blog on Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 10: On Blogger, Google owns your blog, subject to their terms. On WordPress, you have full ownership and control unless you violate hosting terms.

Q11: How does traffic handling differ between Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 11: Blogger has unlimited traffic handling, while WordPress depends on your hosting plan, making it scalable with appropriate hosting.

Q12: Can content automation be done in Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 12: WordPress offers more automation options through plugins, making it easier to schedule tasks like sharing blog posts on social media.

Q13: What about customization for non-technical users?

Ans 13: Customization in Blogger may require coding skills. In contrast, WordPress offers extensive customization options without coding knowledge, thanks to plugins.

Q14: Can you build a business on Blogger and WordPress?

Ans 14: Blogger may pose risks to your digital property because Google owns it. WordPress allows full control and ownership, making it a better choice for building a business.

Q15: Why is WordPress considered the best blogging platform to make money?

Ans 15: WordPress offers ownership, scalability, automation, customization, and control, making it ideal for building a profitable blog or business. that is why WordPress the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money.

Q16: Best Blogging Platforms?

  • Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money: WordPress
  • Best free blogging platform: Blogger
  • Best blogging platform for open-source: Drupal
  • Best blogging platform for stores: Wix or Squarespace
  • Best blogging platform for eCommerce: Weebly
  • Best blogging platform with built-in audience: Tumblr or Medium
  • Best blogging platform for large businesses: CMS Hub
  • Best blogging platform for selling on online marketplaces:

Feel free to use these FAQs to help your readers understand the key points from your blog post in a more concise and reader-friendly format. 

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